John Moyer Salt Lake City Utah Comedian Hypnotist Writer Director Actor

John Moyer was born just over the bridge from Philly; a South Jersey native raised just minutes away from a landfill the EPA ranked one of the top ten most toxic in the country. His father George was a blue collar kind of a guy who believed that good old fashion family values were instilled by using the belt — then followed up with screaming “Now shut up before I really give you something to cry about!”


John laughed about his dysfunctional upbringing and since 1994 John has performed at comedy clubs and colleges throughout the United States and Canada. In addition to his headlining appearances, John’s been the opening act for such comedians as Louie Anderson, Pauly Shore, Lewis Black, and The Chappelle Show’s own Charlie Murphy. John has also performed at a myriad of corporate events for companies and organizations like America Online, Jet Blue, Marriot Hotels, Intermountain Health Care, and the United States Air Force. Along the way he took first place in the Salt Lake City, UT round of the Anheuser- Busch Comedy Competition.


Expanding on his stand up comedy, in the summer of 2000 John wrote a script called “The Singles Ward” based on his own life experiences as a stand up comic and a single member of the LDS church. Director Kurt Hale wanted John to play the lead. However, producer Dave Hunter immediately eliminated any possibility of John starring in the film arguing that “John wasn’t attractive enough to play himself.”


The success of Singles Ward allowed John to establish himself as a produced screenwriter leading to several more of his scripts being produced including, The R.M, The Home Teachers and The Singles Second Ward. John’s grand finale for his efforts in LDS cinema was to capture the true experience of the culture shock of someone from Jersey who suddenly find themselves living in Utah. John wrote the script for Mobsters and Mormons, the story of a Mafia family from Jersey placed in the witness protection program to an all Mormon-community in Utah. He also produced and directed as well.


The film was praised by audiences and critics alike.


“An entertaining fish-out-of-water comedy… ‘Mobsters and Mormons’ is also the directing debut of screenwriter John E. Moyer, whose previous three comedies — ‘The Singles Ward,’ ‘The R.M.’ and the ‘Tommy Boy’-inspired ‘The Home Teachers’ — single-handedly pioneered the Mormon comedy subgenre… Moyer and distributor HaleStone clearly aren’t playing it safe — of the four films Moyer has written, all of which HaleStone has released, “Mobsters and Mormons” is by far the most fully realized…” – Wade Major, Boxoffice.com


In addition to his stand up comedy and production work, in 2012 John fulfilled a life long personal goal and trained as a stage hypnotist. He performs his hypnotism show along with his stand up comedy schedule. He can also be heard as a regular on-air personality for Clear Channel radio’s MY99.5 FM.


John is blessed with two sons and he’s also very blessed to be engaged to former Mrs. Utah and first runner up Mrs. America, Rachelle Clements. They currently live just outside of Salt Lake City. There are no toxic landfills nearby, however each summer John visits the desert of Southern Utah’s nuclear testing grounds of the 1950’s. It’s the closest thing Utah has to the Jersey Shore.