Perla Xilitla Cuellar was born and raised in Northern California. She grew up in an artistic environment with many influential family and friends to inspire and encourage her to pursue her passions in life. Perla has tried many different mediums of art. Anything from drawing, painting, ceramics, photography and anything else that gave me an outlet to express myself creatively.

Perla comes from many generations of Artists. Her father is a part of an Artist group called the RCAF, Royal Chicano Air Force. Which was established in the early 1970’s during the Chicano movement. During the time Cesar Chavez was fighting for farmworkers rights. The RCAF contributed to the movement throught the expression of art by way of silkscreening posters and flags for protests and focusing on community arts. Perla’s father still continues to design and silkscreen to this day. The two of them also work together at times to do public events! Perla’s grandfather was a Photographer and started one of the 1st Mexican bilingual newsletters in his community. As well as her grandmother, who was a talented painter.

Perla’s mother is an avid collector of vintage jewelry. Anything from beautifully crafted Mexican silver, costume, turn-of-the-century, art deco and my personal favorite, modernist jewelry. This has totally inspired me to strive for that “WOW” factor when she designs her jewelry. To fully appreciate the the imagination and thought that goes into one piece.

All of these factors have been an important influence on her and she hopes to learn more as she moves forward on the path of pursuing her dream.




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